History of Institute of Mathemetics

The Institute of Mathematics- Physics- Mechanics was founded as the second institute in the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya (Banská Stiavnica) in 1765. In 1808 they founded the forestry school apart from the mining and metallurgic schools. Between 1735 and 1839 drawing studies, descriptive geometry and technical drawing were parts of other subjects, while in 1839 a new institute was started, called Descriptive Geometry-Architecture. The Academy was moving to Sopron from 1919 because of the Trianon events. The training of engineers of wood sciences started in 1957 in the university. The two institutes were contracted into one in 1988, named Institute of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry. Reputable teachers of the institutes were: Ottó Schwarz, Károly Walek, Arthur Moór, László Fodor, Albert Stasney and several others.