Nice Cube Survey

Hungarian version

This is a suvey site about the visualization of cube.

Please, move the slider tools in Geogebra figures for the best position of cube. When you find the best positions in the figures, please, note all the 20 numbers.

Here is the SURVEY FORM.  Please use this.  (If in case of any problem here is a file to collect the data: Excel file for data.)

Estimate time of the survey is 15 minutes.

You can find out the results of the survey soon on this page.

The results of the survey: Is It a Cube? Common Visual Perception of Cuboid Drawings


Axonometry figure 1

Axonometry figure 2

Axonometry figure 3

Axonometry figure 4

Axonometry figure 5


1-point perspective

Perspective figure 6

Perspective figure 7

Perspective figure 8

Perspective figure 9

Perspective figure 10


2-point perspective

Perspective figure 11

Perspective figure 12

Perspective figure 13

Perspectiive figure 14

Perspective figure 15


3-point perspective

Perspective figure 16

Perspective figure 17

Perspective figure 18

Perspective figure 19

Perspective figure 20


Thank you for your collaboration.

© Miklós Hoffmann and László Németh